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My healthy lifestyle inspiration tumblr!
Hi, I`m Magda, 28yo, Poland. I`m trying to eat healthy and move more, my favorite sports are yoga, bicycle riding and swimming. I`m a pescetarian.
I lost 14kg (30lbs) since Feb 2012! :D

I find keeping a fitness/diet tumblr is a big motivation to keep doing it.
(o^-')b☆ガンバ So talk to me and let`s become fitblr friends. I don`t post much "fitspiration", more about my excercise and diet and then some pretty, inspiring photos. Body positive and health oriented, I support ed recovery!

Follow me if you have a fitspo tumblr, I`ll follow you back! :D My main tumblr is ggggal, personal one maguda. Feel free to ask me anything.
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